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Philippines Offshore Team Incubation Services


Philippines Offshore Team Incubation Services

Technology Elite and  Easy Offshore (EOS) have developed extensive and modular capabilities for offshore team incubation.

If you've already got some scale in your offshore team, it is likely that you began your offshoring journey by starting and growing a team within an outsourced facility - either a BPO or a Staff Leasing facility.  Eventually that offshore team became a vital part of your business. 

This is a great sign of your success with multi-shoring but it also means your entire business is now highly dependent upon the ongoing success of the offshore operation.  Thus it presents both ongoing opportunity and elements of risk.

It is not unusual for organisations to reach a point where they feel constrained by an incumbent outsourcing facility.  You may feel that although your provider was an important part of the journey to date, it is time to make a change, or at least to consider the alternatives.

You likely want more control over operations, more freedom with management methods, greater accuracy with recruitment. You may also want to have your own office environment, and to embed your onshore company culture into your offshore team - both of which are difficult when your team is merely a subsection of a larger facility.

You might also be reviewing the cost and value of that facility - some agreements make sense only up to a certain scale.  Your business has developed extensive offshore and integrated capabilities of its own, so your needs have changed significantly.

EOS Incubation is a modular approach to offshoring - specifically designed for mid-market clients that have outgrown their old needs and now wish to gradually and safely take full control of some or all operational elements.

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Philippines Strategy Tours

Easy Offshore also hosts custom guided explorations of our closest Global labour hub, The Philippines.

With a maximum group of six, you can explore different offshoring and incubation options, meet the best providers, talk to others who have set up already, create your strategy, experience the culture and learn more about why the Philippines is a good fit for Australian businesses. We can include strategic consulting during the trip to help you objectively assess and rank the available options.

Customised Strategy Tours visits start from $9,000 plus travel costs.

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